Are you up for a christmas challenge?

This blog post was originally posted on LinkedIn on the 17th of November in its full length.

Santa Claus (also known as Father Christmas) and I would like to challenge you to develop a professional strategy. Not a comprehensive strategy suited for the biggest corporations in the world, because for that purpose we have the well known and respected companies like McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group, Bain & Company - and many other experts in that field. And books have been written on the subject. A lot of books… and books about books about the subject.

“We want YOU to help your local sports club, secondhand store, or your sisters small company develop an effective, meaningful strategy for the purpose of making more money or growing the business,.”

After all, Christmas is coming up, right?

What better way to spend the next weeks, than helping somebody out or helping your own business out, gaining better results.

paying it forward

I have talked with, networked with, or worked with about 99% of my connections here on LinkedIn. You are all great people, otherwise I would not have connected with you in here. And without you, I would not have been where I am today. I am truly grateful to all of you!

So, consider this my way of paying back some of the attention, support, nice words and great conversations we have had!

As my contribution to the world is limited to leadership, strategy and business development, this is what I can do. I cannot sing, paint, write a poem or tell you a joke! But I happen to have twenty years of experience developing strategies and executing them.

Follow my weekly post for the next 4 weeks and I will provide you with a clear and simple, small scale strategy toolbox for smaller companies. You don’t need to read 10 books or graduate an MBA like me, to do that, trust me. Santa Claus and I will show you how…